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About Modelrooms

Modelrooms was invented by Katie Galvin. Having worked with Architects for 15 years and run a modelmaking company she spotted the need for a user friendly way to plan spaces, for people who dont have drawing skills, or the time to learn them. Actually the original modelrooms was made for her brother, when he was struggling with plans for his house extension! It worked so well for him that she decided to refine it and launch it onto the market in 2006. Since then the range has expanded and grown rapidly, with more than 9 kits now available and a book!

It was only when she saw the frustration her brother was having when trying to decide what he wanted from his house extension that the 'eureka' moment came. What if there was a kit with pieces that were modulor and he could assemble it himself? A rough model was made and Tom (Katies brother) simply could not believe how much easier the decisions he had agonised over became when he could picture the end result more clearly. He had an Architect on board and the drawings were great, but his problem was making the connection between the plan and the finished house...the Modelrooms kit literally bridged that gap. Several years later and the house extension is long finished and guess what? Tome has had no regrets whatsoever...proving the theory that:

Good House plans make great homes

The main difference with Modelrooms and a traditional model (apart from the cost) is the flexibility they offer. When you are planning a space that you are going to live in for years you tend to have a keener interest in the details like fixtures and fittings, furniture layouts, sockets, even door swing...they are the decisions that make the difference between your perfect home and regrets.

About Katie

Katie originally studied Graphic Design in college but was drawn fairly quickly into the world of Architecture. She worked as an Architectural Modelmaker in Munich, London and Sydney before settling back in native Dublin and starting her own Modelmaking company Presentation Models. Often getting requests from homeowners to make professional models for their planned extension or renovation Katie always wished she could help. Unfortunately the time it takes to make a professional scale model makes them way too costly for the average homeowner to afford. While they made a few house models for high end homes costing 'in the millions' there was no way to help someone building on a more modest budget.

Now with Modelrooms that need has been satisfied.While Presentation Models is still going strong, the main focus is now on Modelrooms. The two business work hand in hand so the 3D kits can be supported with custom add ons for Architects who need to build unique features into their plan

Looking for advice about your layout?

Feel free to send us your Modelrooms plans with any queries about your layout. While we are not Architects, we have been immersed in house plans for years and like to think we are a team of expert Space Planners. We love nothing better than looking to see if there is a way to fit that en suite in...or how to make the most or the available space...and can spot a bad circulation area from far and wide.

For queries about our kits feel free to contact us and we will happily help you out