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Magnetic Ensuite Bedroom Model Kit

Magnetic Ensuite Bedroom Model Kit

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Magnetic Ensuite Bedroom Model Kit Description

A Unique Magnetic Model System for creating a 3D Ensuite Bedroom Model in Minutes


Magnetic Ensuite Bedroom Model Kit includes:

150 m2 Metallic Base (10m x 7.5m /33 x 25 ft)*

50+ Magnetic Walls, Windows and Door pieces

2 Magnetic Scale People (man & woman)

24 Furniture Units


* Our Base is Metalic so all the pieces from the kit will stick temporarily to it giving you the freedom to make endless redesigns to your model.


A perfect tool for Architects, Interior Designers, Professionals or anyone looking to see their ensuite bedroom plan ideas in 3D. Since everything is magnetic the kits can be used as a working model at the concept stage, or can be glued together to showcase a final design concept to a client. The whole kit works out of the box and requires no modelmaking skills whatsoever to create a Professional looking ensuite bedroom model in minutes.

Fastest and easiest scale model ensuite bedroom you can make:

Anyone who has ever made a scale model with card or foam board will understand the massive time saving benefits of being able to dip into a box of pre cut walls, windows, doors and furniture to quickly visualise their ensuite bedroom plans.

Model pieces made from durable plastic:

All the pieces in the kit are made from a white plastic with magnets on the bottom so they will stick magnetically to the base provided. The walls, windows, doors and furniture can then be glued to each other to form a finished model in literally minutes. And the best bit of all is that the base can be reused over and over and the walls and other pieces can all be replaced individually. All our 3D kit components are designed to be modulor, so they will work alone or joined together to form longer walls.

Available add-ons:

Additional pieces to add to the kit are extra furniture units, additional boards for extra large rooms, perspex cover, and presentation case to carry it all in. All our walls, windows and doors are also available to buy individually too.

Model Scale:

All 3D model kits are 1:50 scale. The kits have been created in a metric scale but we have lots of customers who use them that prefer to work with feet and inches and they have had no problems...let us know if you are a feet and inches person and we will send you some tips. The base size represents 10m x 7.5m (or 33 feet x 25 feet) so it is big enough to give your clients a perfect overview of their proposed ensuite bedroom.


  • A4 Magnetic Base representing 150m square (or 1,600 square feet)
  • Selection of Magnetic Modulor Walls to create physical room plan model
  • Model Windows (4 different sizes)
  • 2 x magnetic Model Doors (hang left or right)
  • 2 x Scale Figures (magnetic)
  • Double Bed (30W x 40D x 10mmH)
  • 2 Single Beds (20W x 40D x 10mmH)
  • 4 Bedside Lockers (9W x 9D x 9mmH)
  • 3 x Wardrobe Double (20W x 12D x 42mmH)
  • 6 x Wardrobe Single (10W x 12D x 42mmH)
  • Toilet (7W x 12D x 16mmH)
  • Sink (11W x 8D x 16mmH)
  • Bath (16W x 34D x 10mmH)
  • Shower (16W x 16D x 4mmH)
  • 2 x Table Units (11W x 11D x 11mmH)
  • 2 x Chair (8W x 12D x 20mmH)


All our 3D Model Kits ship FREE anywhere in the world

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