How you can increase  a room size in a couple of hours...

How you can increase a room size in a couple of hours...

Imagine if you could add more space to a room without having to hire a builder or move out for a week? You would jump at the chance right?

Change the Door Swing and add a feeling of space to a room

Ok, so we are not talking about a massive increase in size. Just remember that a feeling of space in a room is more important than actual square area. Changing your door swing can make a HUGE difference to how a space feels and even how the furniture in the room fits.

How do you know if your room will benefit changing the door swing?

So not every situation will be right for this but if you ever walk into a room and feel like you should turn sideways to get in … you should definitely consider it.

You do NOT want to change the door swing if:

  • The new door swing is going to open out to your hall. This can look weird from the hall side, so it's probably best not to do it.
  • If the room it will open into is a small room. You might need to weigh up if the space you gain is taking too much from the other room, and if it's really worth it?
  • Is there a step on the other side of the door? If so, it may not be suitable to open your door onto a step.

You can definitely consider reversing your door if:

  • Generally speaking we walk 'into' a room, by pushing the door ahead of us. Where this rule of thumb differs is when we have two rooms of similar status - lets say diving doors between a living and dining room. In this case it is totally fine to swap whether you walk 'into' your dining or living room.
  • If the door(s) open to a yard or outdoor space it can work well – normally the space outside is big enough to lose a few extra feet.
  • If the room where you will add the door swing  into is not used frequently or is big enough to lose a little space, then it makes sense to do it.

How to Change the door swing:

You are probably going to need a carpenter to do this for you, or a good DIYer could  tackle it. It might mean cutting into the frame, filling and repainting. The actual material cost is pretty low though.  The best part is, the job can be done in a day … not a bad return for a small room.
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