How to Plan a

Kitchen  Island


Firstly, get all your kitchen dimensions. Include the locations of doors and windows in your plan. Quickly brainstorm ideas ... don't worry you can refine these later

Decide what  size you want the Island to be. Leave 1200mm or 48" between kitchen island and counters ideally Take the scale of  your overall kitchen into consideration

1.  Size and Scale

2. Shape & Location of a Kitchen Island

The shape should complement the room shape Rounded corners can soften an island if you are tight on space Consider which side of your island gets the best view & put seating there

3. Circulation Space around a Kitchen Island

Leave enough room to work & move around the island Allow extra space for appliances like your oven to open out High traffic areas need the most space

Check All Dimensions before signing off your layout

Modelrooms Planning Tools For Interior Designers