Create a Scale Plan in Minutes

No battling with software, no scraps of paper, no glue or mess ...just create a scale plan in 5 minutes and see what works in your space. As simple as that

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Our Home Design Kits are Perfect for you if:

You are planning a Renovation but don't know where to start.

You have No Design experience ... but you appreciate good design.

Are feeling totally overwhelmed at the thought of renovating and have put off starting because of 'decision paralysis'.

Are worried that your space is 'too long...too skinny...too awkward' and are scared you will get your layout wrong.

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Interior Layouts in Minutes

  • Kitchen Triangle Checking

    Review your kitchen plan quickly and make sure you have all the correct dimensions to get the perfect layout. Circulation Space guides included with our kits.

  • Open Plan Layouts

    Any layout can be created in minutes with easy to use magnetic furniture templates. Move them around to instantly visualise your changes.

  • Lighting Plan

    Quickly copy your plan so you can make notes for trades. add your ligting plan, electrical sockets, plumbing notes... the list is endless.

  • Gwyn, Self Builder, UK

    “I received my model Rooms kit just over a week ago and, literally, can’t understand how I could have visualised some house design layouts without it – and not having to learn some quirky CAD/CAM program either. Brilliant product! Well done!” 

  • Ralph, Home Renovator, UK

    “This unique alternative to PC software truly helps you plan your room designs with full confidence and is very easy to use. It is easier to identify and overcome issues in your designs and apply people perspective to space and working areas. An excellent product and in my opinion a better way to design plan your rooms than on a PC!”

  • Fenne, Interior Design Student, Canada

    "You have great products ... and it is so nice to be in contact with someone when ordering online. You are so awesome!"

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