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PDF Printable Kitchen Planner

PDF Printable Kitchen Planner

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Printable Floor Planner

An instantly downloadable version of our kitchen design kit.

Planning your kitchen has never been easier

Print out these 10 pages of furniture templates and get planning in minutes. You can literally have a room plan mocked up within the hour with this instant downloadable pdf version of our kitchen design kit.

We have included all the kitchen appliances you could need as well as a huge range of furniture options including tables and sofa choices.

So now instead of hoping you have picked the right size table and chairs for your space you can check and make sure it will be perfect.

The set includes more than 200 furniture options including the following:

  • Kitchen appliances (cooker, fridge etc including multiple size options for each)
  • Tables and chairs (over 15 different table size and shapes)
  • Kitchen Islands (more than 10 different options for islands and peninsulas)
  • Sofas and armchairs (includes modular 3 seaters and L shapes)
  • Miscelaneous other items to remember in your plan (high stools, dog bed, cat litter tray etc)

All the above to furnish the room plan with the following to create the room:

  • Grid pattern in Metres
  • Grid pattern in Feet
  • Scale rulers in Metres and another in Feet
  • Walls, windows & doors (including bi-fold doors)
  • Radiators

And possibly the most important item of all ... two figures designed to represent you and your loved ones as you 'test drive' your layout. This is hands down the best way to visualise your future kitchen - move these pieces around the plan and think through the scenarios you will do in each area. Then check to be sure you have left enough space in the busy high traffic areas and have not wasted space where you don't need so much.

In all, you get Over 200 furniture items + Grid patterns + Scale Rulers + Walls windows and doors + more items to create a room plan that works straight out of the printer.

All you need is a printer and a scissors and you are good to go.

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Read what our customers love about our kits

Celebrity Testimonials:

"such a good idea….an inspired product that is so badly needed by professionals and homeowners alike…very client friendly… helps people understand architecture"

Kevin Mc Cloud, Presenter of Grand Designs on Channel 4

“User friendly…clever”

Duncan Stewart, Architect and Presenter of ‘About the House’ on RTE,(Irelands National TV Channel)


Sarah Beeny, House Renovator & Presenter of Property Ladder on Channel 4

“Fantastic Product”

Avril Murphy Allen, Interior Designer and Presenter of 'Desperate Houses' on RTE (Irelands National TV Channel)

Home Renovator Testimonials:

“I found your system extremely useful. I cannot believe how much I changed the layout of my house with your kit… The basement is a new addition and extremely expensive, we are also sacrificing a lot of space in the rest of the house to get light into the basement. Now with the help of ‘modelrooms’ I feel the cost is justified. Thanks once again”  Saju Shillam, Home Renovator, London

“the model rooms came this afternoon, how quick woz that!!!…. thanks a mill again. Gave the kit to my sister in law for Christmas and she absolutely loved it”  Eimear O Brien, Homeowner, Belfast

“Having spent a little time last night with the kit we were impressed by the quality and presentation of the kit.”  Jonathan Statt, Home Renovator, Middlesex, UK

“I think it’s so clever to make something so complicated so simple.”  Shane Meiring, Home Renovator, London

“This unique alternative to PC software truly helps you plan your room designs with full confidence and is very easy to use. It is easier to identify and overcome issues in your designs and apply people perspective to space and working areas. An excellent product and in my opinion a better way to design plan your rooms than on a PC!”  Ralph Harrison, Home Renovator, UK

“Absolutely Brilliant.”  Martin Haswell, Home Renovator, UK

“Hello – We have just received the Professional Design Kit and are really pleased with the results.”  Terry Richards, Home Renovator, UK

“I received my Modelrooms kit just over a week ago and, literally, can’t understand how I could have visualised some house design layouts without it – and not having to learn some quirky CAD/CAM program either. Brilliant product! Well done!”  Gwyn Matthews, Self Builder, UK

“We have found the product to be very useful and much better than PC applications that claim to perform a similar task” Ralph, Home Renovator, UK

“I like the look of your kits-I have been looking for an electronic design package but frequently reviewers say how difficult it is to use to use the package – your kits look blissfully intuitive”  Sue, Home Renovator, UK

“What I have found useful it being able to position furniture etc.. to help decide where to put plugs and lights etc… in the rooms (we are building a new house) and also to “double check” that the layouts we have chosen for the bathrooms works ok as your kit does make it a bit easier to get a feeling of space in each room.” Anne Norwood, Self Builder, UK

“I have just received the model rooms kit, thank you it all looks great”  Shane Marshall, Home Remodeller, UK

“Just a note to say thank you for the superb service that I have received. Kit arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with it. Many Thanks”  Sandra Palmer, Homeowner, UK

“Excellent product”  Hannah Bent, Homeowner, UK

“I am loving the home design kit it is really opening my mind to the different possibilities and the different problems which can arise.”  Claire Scannell, House Remodeller, Irelend

“Brilliantly simple product … I love ‘playing’ with my home layout kit, and seeing all the options my house has” Louise, Home Renovator, New York

“I have used this kit and it is an excellent way to start planning your room. It is easy to use and the pieces can be moved around easily as many times as you wish. Once your chosen layout is completed the whole board can be photocopied and taken with you when shopping for furniture for the room. I would recommend this product to anyone whether they are interested in Interior Design or not as it is really helpful.” C E Francis, Homeowner, UK

“The model rooms kit is a simple yet practical solution for helping create ideas for designing your home. Simple idea, easy to use, and great for sharing and exploring ideas. Although we use it from a DIY perspective we can see its use for those engaged in interior design on a more professional level.” Ray, Homeowner, UK

Interior Designer Testimonials:

“…absolutely fantastic product Modelrooms which we love (because it look’s great and saves us so much time!) will be used by our designers on Night 2 of the ‘Interior Design for Homeowners ™’course and during consultancy work.” Siobhan von Engelbrechten, Interior Designer & founder of the Design Network Course, Kildare, Ireland

“its fab and it will be of enormous benefit to me in my work.”  Gemma Bolger, Interior Designer and owner of Pink House Interiors, Limerick

“very time efficient” Aileen Egan, Interior Designer, Dublin, Ireland


“I used the professional kit last week  to space plan a new kitchen, dining area that I am working on for a new build. I found it worked really well.
The clients were super impressed when I presented them with four different layouts and wanted to know all about model rooms. They ended up changing the layout they had previouly agreed on with the builder!  Clients were very happy.”  Fiona Owens, Interior Designer, Dublin, Ireland

“What a great idea, specially for self builders. I must admit that I had not seen it before but something that I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of building a house.”  Shane Mc Cloud, Founder of the Irish Association of Self Builders


“I have just received my magnetic design kit, I am so thrilled with the  ease of using the pre-designed furniture and walls.  I am a professional designer who works with customers using the usual drawing pad.  This is going to make my work much easier and quicker. Many thanks from a happy customer.”  Pauline Maxwell, Interior Designer, UK


“Many thanks for sending the Model Rooms pack so promptly, I actually received it yesterday.  I’m sure I will find it very helpful for my classes.”   Muriel Aylward, Interior Design Tutor, Waterford, Ireland


“Think this is a great product and so helpful for the ‘beginner’ interior designer but also handy for experienced people like myself” Lisa mc Gee, Interior Designer, Dublin



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